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    Hello there! My name is Jessie and I'm located in Brooklyn, New York.

    Morning Passages is a blog that represents the interior of my imagination, and it's a place for me to share my daily inspiration.

    This is a Found Blog: I am fascinated by the creations and perceptions of others, and how I personally connect to their stories.

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Inside Look at an Outsider

Anado McLauchlin is a mostly self-taught assemblage artist living south of the US border and across  the  tracks in La Cieneguita, Mexico. Oftentimes he is called an Outsider artist but prefers the term Insider  artist. His creative endeavors include beaded jewelry, embellished whimsical furniture, celebrative be-  jeweled mirrors, shamanic assemblages esoteric wall hangings and revelatory gardens.

Casa Las Ranas

Anado’s Art








dining cabinet

This project is in homage to all outsiders, gardeners, and folk artists the world over.

Anado’s studio in La Cieneguita and the house and grounds of Casa Las Ranas are available for tour groups or private individual visits upon appointment.


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