Checking in is anonymous. A wall of video monitors shows which rooms are available and their prices. Patrons use the touch screen to make their pick. Once selected, the room's picture goes dark to show it's in use. A clerk behind an opaque service window takes the cash and hands the couple a key.

To quote a famous philosopher of our generation, “I got to kn kn kn know what’s your fan-ta-sy”

I’m speaking of course, on behalf of Japanese Love Hotels. While you may imagine “Love Hotel Hill” to be an outrageous feature of quirky Tokyo, it is actually located in Osaka.

Chose your fantasy: Hello Kitty? Anime? S&M? Gas chamber? Schoolgirl? Children’s carnival? Subway? These privacy-pads are decorated with theme park interiors and equipped with game consoles, karaoke boxes and lusty machines. These establishments provide kinky fun for all types, from fetishists and sadomasochists to the ordinary couple seeking sexual adventure.

The Love Hotels of Japan have pretty much got all your desires covered.

Covered with photographs of tied-up Japanese women from the '80s, Imagine cuffing your date to the giant black X

Perfect for grown-up boys who never got that Neil Armstrong-themed bedroom as a kid.

slutty anime.

Christmas all year... Kinky?

Lock your partner in the torture cell and command him to pee.

If their date is late or a favorite room is still occupied, patrons can wait in these igloo-shaped internet booths.

Carousel room with toddler's faces plastered to the wall. Hello, pedophilia- here anything goes!

A train to love-land


hello kitty weeeee

the spider room: swing from side to side of the room on chains and live out your spidey fantasy

Notice how the clock is set to 3:40 p.m., right around the time when most students have left the building and you have your detention student all to yourself.

this one scares me.

yes, broccoli? i'd like a reservation for two.

love hotel hill, osaka

Traditionally {and still in rural areas}, the whole extended family lived together: Husband, wife, grandmother, grandfather, children were all under one roof. The only way married couples were able to get some privacy would be to check into one of these love hotels.

I’m sure as the years have gone on, these hump-houses have become more exotic and strange in decor {and provide a safe opportunity for illicit affairs and one-time flings}.

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