claire pettibone couture wedding dresses

So, it’s only natural that since my lovely roommate Alison is planning her wedding, I myself would start venturing into the world of weddings: There are so many details to sort out to assure a smooth and memorable experience.

For the bride, one of the most important tasks to tackle is that of… THE DRESS! With the thousands upon thousands of designs and designers available, I’m surprisingly turned off by most: I just can’t stand the whole poufy-satiny-strapless-David’s Bridal seeming gowns; I can’t deal with tacky wedding flair.

That being said, I decided that there is only one designer I would ever select from (if and when it comes time for me to chose a wedding dress, ha). Her dresses are just… me. The name of the designer is Claire Pettibone, and yes, the dresses cost a pretty penny. I never thought I would be particularly interested in a fancy gown, but her designs are truly remarkable pieces of art; every detail is exquisite; they remind me of the 1930’s and earlier. I suppose it’s inevitable that I’d be floored by dresses that are vintage-inspired. I can’t imagine myself in anything else.

Okay okay, I’ll hush: Here are my favorites!

*but I would totally remove the hideous flower

Oh! Oh! Maybe I could change into that little get-up for the reception!

{Or maybe I should go on a date first.}


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