To cut to the chase, my affinity toward Michael Ian Black is booming these days, what with his witty blog posts and poignant, Twitter-one-liners.


[comedy album available on iTunes]

A profound excerpt from his… shall I say, genius? blog:

“Over the last ten years or so, it seems like hotel lobbies have become Petri dishes for both the worst design ideas in the world and the worst music in the world. To me a hotel lobby should be a tranquil and serene environment which beckons the traveler welcome, not a shitty replica of a Turkish dance club circa 1993. Thank you, but I don’t need over-sized black porcelain poodles on the reception desk.”

Visit Michael’s blog below:


He also has a new series alongside partner Michael Showalter on Comedy Central- so be sure to tune in for cynical debauchery and dreamy geeks! (It just crossed my mind that when I wrote “partner” it made him sound a little gay. For the record, I meant comedy partner- not dick in the butt partner.)



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